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Malkan Podcast

The Malkan Podcast page is the one place to find almost anything and everything Vishal and Meghana Malkan have to offer to the world of podcasts. 

Currently, you can check out Meghana V Malkan's insights on the Malkan Show!

Keep an eye on this space for some of the finest advice on finance, mindset training, and life in general!

Dec 21, 2020

Training one’s mind is the result of consistent practice. So how does one go about it in daily life, so as to experience Inner Peace? Listen to the Podcast to know more.

Dec 7, 2020

Is having limits constraining or liberating? Does having boundaries to your time and space make you limited or limitless? Discover more in this Podcast where I talk about the psychology of having limits and why do we need them.

Nov 27, 2020

In this Podcast, I talk about the shortest and most effective way to get to the best of your health and vitality.

Nov 19, 2020

How in control of your mind, emotions and experiences do you feel?

While the need for control runs deep, it’s a two-edged sword that needs to be balanced well. In this Podcast, I talk about the specific activators that light up our need for control.

Nov 6, 2020

Remember that “YOU JUST KNEW THAT YOU KNEW” feeling when you decided something?
There is Divine Wisdom within all of us that helps us make our decisions. It’s time we discover how to use to this wisdom.
It’s never too late to start making decisions and bring order to a disordered mind. Listen to the Podcast to...