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Jan 23, 2020

  1. Your family and relationships are of primary importance to the mental, emotional and physical health of yourself and everyone around you. Setting and specific goals for a good quality family life is essential for top long term happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment.
  2. Whether you are single and trying to attract a soul mate or you are into a relationship and trying to make it better, clarity is of utmost importance. Programs an ideal picture of your future mate or the ideal relationship into your subconscious mind activates your super conscious powers. This helps you attract the same faster.
  3. Your beliefs about relationships may be merely facts that you have picked up in some way. They may not be consistent with the reality of the other person. It helps to have beliefs that are congruent with your highest values and principles.
  4. The 3 foundations of a great quality relationship are –
  5. a) unconditional positive acceptance and regard for the other person;
  6. b) caring more about the happiness and well-being of the other person than your own and
  7. c) laughing together